Face masks and what they are all about!

Hello again to the blogging world.

Today I have to blog about something which I have been trying for the past couple of months – real nature face masks.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 14.48.40.png

I have tried 5 varieties, which are the avocado, the rice, the pomegranate, the cucumber and the honey masks.

My personal opinion is they are really soothing and leaves a glistening fresh clean face after application, but the effect soon wears off.
Apart from these available masks, there are others with designs of panda, tigers etc. The only difference is in the appearance of the mask with a design on them, otherwise they should work the same.

How these masks work is they rejuvenate the skin, clear your pores, keep your skin breathing again which is CRUCIAL for us ladies.
Because with a blocked pore, you know the depressing moments we go through with pimple breakouts and painful zits! Yikes!

I suggest a regular use of it might show an effect? We don’t know.
But one thing medicine HAS conclude is do cleanse your face regularly, do not keep the skin oily (sebum) as this too promotes pimples which in the world of Dermatology we call ‘’Acne Vulgaris’’
So, sebum-free skin is the way for a pimple-less face!

For those interested, these masks are on sale at The Faceshop boutique found at the Caudan waterfront. I have also come across certain products of The Faceshop at Intermart Bagatelle.

Thats it for now folks. Till I find something to review, remember, You are special! Aint nobody got the right to tell you other wise.



First post of this new blog Im trying.

So, you know how back in the days ( a 90s kid will get what I mean ), we use to keep these diaries hidden under our pillows or beds containing pages of scriptures regarding our daily lives. Well it has sure evolved into BLOGS nowadays. I’ve always been a fan of writing, and this has opened a window for me.

I had a blog several years back, on this website called blogspot.com ,but career events and life kind of got the better side of me so I switched paths.

So yeah, my blog will include everyday scenario of beauty tips, health, fashion and anything I find interesting that I’ve clicked on the spree!

Stay tuned, Thank you for reading.
Remember, you are special, no matter what people say!